The DEALS Workshop:  Grow a Rental Portfolio to Financial Freedom

  • Buy Off-Market: Connect directly with Sellers and stop competing with every other buyer for limited MLS inventory
  • Seller Financing: Confidently negotiate great loans and never worry about a bank telling you 'no'
  • High Integrity: Feel good about how you're building wealth, knowing you're helping Sellers along the way--not exploiting distress.
the deals Workshop

Many real estate investors struggle to buy more rental properties because they don’t have the capital and financing that banks and brokers tell them they need. We show individual investors how to buy rental properties using the resources they already have, by strategically building strong relationships with Sellers. That way, they can grow their rental portfolios to reach financial freedom

We call it "The Direct Relationship Capital Method."  Watch this video to learn more.  ⬇️ 


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