Application Step 1:  Make Sure You're a Fit

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Who is the deals Workshop for?
Thanks for your curiosity about this workshop. We won't sell you on applying for DEALS. Instead, we will simply tell you who it’s FOR...
                ...and who it’s NOT FOR.  
Who It's For
  • You want to achieve financial freedom, and you want to help people along the way!
  • ​You've already decided that real estate investing is the path for achieving your financial freedom--you are actively working to make progress!
  • ​You are a relationship-oriented person who loves the idea of sitting down with Sellers and discussing a win-win deal.
  • You want to bypass the limitations of MLS-listed properties and bank lending by buying properties off-market, directly from Sellers, with seller financing.  You want to shortcut the process of learning how to do that.  
  • You are already successful in life, but are committed to growth and are NOT content with your current achievements.  You are willing to invest in your personal development...even when most others are not.  
  • ​You value having personal interaction with a mentor, and being part of a community of likeminded people on a similar journey.
Who It's NOT For
  • People who are just looking for the easy route, or a magic formula, and don’t want to put the effort in.
  • ​Investors who just want to make a large volume of fast offers, and/or expect every deal to be zero-down.
  • People who are just “kicking the tires” of real estate to see if they like it.
  • ​People who just follow the herd of conventional wisdom, or prefer to travel their path alone.  
Let's Be Honest For a Second...
This journey is not for everyone. If we don’t both feel you’re a great fit for this workshop, don’t feel bad about that—it’s totally OK. We’d love to support you in other ways that match where you’re at right now.
This by-application-only workshop: 
  • Requires an investment of work and energy
  • ​Requires an investment of money
  • ​Requires you to implement what you learn
  • ​Is not an “online course," it’s a hands-on, interactive experience that intentionally makes it darn near impossible to hide and not participate
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