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Shona Converts Relationship into a Zero-Down Supercharged Seller Financing Duplex Acquisition

Charlie Navigates Relationship-Based Negotiation to Buy Four Duplexes with Supercharged Seller Financing 

Tylee Puts His Seller Relations Skills to Work to Buy a Great Off-Market House to Become a Rental

Greg Buys Off-Market Seller-Financed Property That Gives Family a New Home Plus Financial Freedom

Nate and Kylie Buy a Second Bundle of Seller-Financed Properties from a Previous Seller

Walter Uses Relationship Capital to Buy Off-Market Duplexes #3 and #4 from His Earlier Seller

Lisa Uses the Power of 'Relationship' to Close a Unique Off-Market Deal

Steven Buys Great Off-Market Duplex with
Supercharged Seller Financing

Nate Closes a Great Deal & Sets Himself Up to Buy Many More From the Seller

Michael Buys a 20-Unit Cabin Portfolio From His First 250 Marketing Letters

Ryan Uses Relationship to Negotiate His First Deal--An Awesome Duplex with Seller Financing

Persistence Leads Walter to Close 3 Off-Market Deals at the Same Time, from 2 Different Sellers!

Stephen Harnesses Relationship to Buy Gorgeous Historic Property with $36k/year NOI Upside

Tom Uses the Power of Relationship to Negotiate a Great Off-Market, Seller-Financed Triplex

Trent Negotiates a Value-Add 4-Plex House Hack and Creates $350k Instant Equity

Michael Does His Breakthrough Deal and Gets $100k Instant Equity & Seller Financing

Pasha Buys Four Off-Market Duplexes at Once

Lisa Gathers Incredible Portfolio Growth Momentum

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