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1)  We show individual real estate investors how to buy rental properties using the resources they already have, by strategically building strong relationships with Sellers. If you are not comfortable talking with people, or are not yet sure you're committed to buying rental real estate, this is not a good fit.  The minimum investment to join us is around $2,900, depending on the options you choose.  Please confirm you are a fit to join us.  
2)  How would you describe your level of experience in real estate investing?
3)  Assuming you would get a positive return on your investment, how much are you prepared to invest to master the art of buying properties off-market with seller financing, using the power of The Direct Relationship Capital Method?  

Before answering, please note:  The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur, LLC is a for-profit company that provides real estate investing educational content, training materials, tools and forms, deal coaching and a community, which we offer in exchange for your commitment of time and money.  
4)  In your own words, tell us a little about why you are so committed to learning The Direct  Relationship Capital Method and buying an off-market rental property with seller financing. We'd love to know more about what drives you!  (No need to write a college essay, but please give us a good 3-4 sentences on your thoughts!)
5)  We will commit to reviewing your application and sending you a clear "yes,  you're approved" or "sorry, you're not a fit" message within 1-2 business days.  In exchange, if your application is approved, will you make the same commitment back to us? To review the information we send and give us a clear "yes, I'm in" or "no thank you" response before the registration deadline?
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